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On May 4 in Tartu, Estonia, the experts on e-development in local municipalities met in a conference organised by the INTERREG IVC project DLA – Digital Local Agenda". The aim of the conference was to discuss possibilities for development of common methodology useful for public authorities in all Europe for development of e-services in their region. The methodology under development includes means to assess the state of the art in the municipality and select proper means for further development and enhance availability of e-services.
Action Plan 2011 - 2015
The European Commission was launched last 31 May its eGovernment Action Plan 2011-2015 to work with Member States' public authorities to expand and improve the services which they offer via the Internet. In the framework of this Action Plan the European Commission aims to support the provision of a new generation of eGovernment services for businesses and citizens.  The Action Plan identifies four political priorities based on the Malmö Declaration, agreed on 18 November 2009 at the 5th Ministerial eGovernment Conference in Malmö, Sweden.
European research behind the Future Internet
In the context of "Future Internet week" hold in Budapest last May, the European Commission was reviewing the progress of some 140 "Future Internet" research projects which it supports.
Commission outlines action plan to boost Europe's prosperity and well-being
Implementing the ambitious Digital Agenda for Europe would contribute significantly to the EU's economic growth and spread the benefits of the digital era to all sections of society. Half of European productivity growth over the past 15 years was already driven by information and communications technologies and this trend is likely to accelerate.
Promotion of e-Health
An EU e-Health Task Force suggests ways to promote e-Health systems. It aims enhance health systems in Europe and thus offer better services to citizens through ITC use.
More than half EU Internet surfers use foreign language when online
While 90% of Internet surfers in the EU prefer to access websites in their own language, 55% at least occasionally use a language other than their own when online according to a pan-EU Eurobarometer survey. However, 44% of European Internet users feel they are missing interesting information because web pages are not in a language that they understand and only 18% buy products online in a foreign language.
Train Ticket at European level
European Commission has launched a Regulation proposal to facilitate rail transport in Europe to standardize price and schedules information and ticketing.
Local News
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Events Agenda
6 - 9 June 2011 Lyon, France 8th European ITS Congress
7 June 2011 Brussels, Belgium Support for companies developing Ambient Assisted Living solutions to achieve the market breakthrough
12 - 15 June 2011 Bled, Slovenia eFuture: Creating Solutions for the Individual, Organisations and Society
15 - 16 June 2011 Brussels, Belgium ICT Finance MarketPlace Venture Academy and Investment Forum for SMEs
16 - 17 June 2011 Brussels, Belgium 1st Digital Agenda Assembly
22 - 23 June 2011 Paris, France How are Doctors using Social Media, Apps, and Web 2.0 Tools to work with Patients, Colleagues, Governments, Industry, Payers?
27 - 29 June 2011 Madrid DRT4ALL 2011 - International Congress on Design, Research Networks, and Technology for all
7 - 9 September 2011 Brussels, Belgium Internet and Societies - New innovation paths
5 - 7 October 2011 Barcelona, Spain EPoSS General Assembly, Annual Forum & Proposers's Day 2011
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