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This issue of DLA newsletter marks the end of the first part of the project. Until now, partners have been working together to create a general DLA. This document is almost finished and a first draft was presented in a big conference organized in Ireland last November.
The European Commission proposes over a € 9 billion for broadband investment
noticia The European Commission has proposed to spend almost €9.2 billion to give EU citizens and businesses access to
high-speed broadband networks and the services that run on them. This funding comes from of the proposed Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) and would take the form of both equity and debt instruments and grants.
Five new cross-border online public services
noticia The European Commission was showcasing five new online public services to the "Borderless eGovernment Services
for Europeans" at the conference of the Polish Presidency held in Poznan in November.
A new partner for DLA Project
noticia Due to some internal changes, Euroregio “Pskov, Livonia” section Estonia left DLA project last semester.
However, a new Estonian partner joined us in this challenging project: Võru County.
The European Court of Auditors (ECA) issues special report about effective e-government projects
noticia Electronic Government (e-Government) refers to electronic transactions between governments and
citizens or businesses, or between different governmental administrations. e-Government requires the use of information and communication technologies combined with organisational change and new skills in order to deliver better quality public services. Audited EU support takes the form of co-financing projects in Member States.

This European Court of Auditors’ (ECA) performance audit focused on the 2000-2006 programme period and four Member States: France, Italy, Poland and Spain. Between them they accounted for €3 billion or 45 % of expenditure from the ERDF on Information Society projects.
Tender for application submission of the 7th EU Research Framework Programme ICT
noticia It was opened on July 20, 2011 the tender for applications in R & D "ICT Call 8", the theme of Information and Communication
Technology (ICT), of the 7th Research Framework Programme of the EU, with a budget of 787 million euros.

The deadline for submission of proposals for this tender ends on January 17, 2012 (16:00 Lisbon).
Local News
· Portugal
· Greece
Events Agenda
13th December 2011 Coimbra, Portugal Digital Agenda for Europe: Going local
14th December 2011 Lisbon, Portugal
13th December 2011 Brussels, Belgium EU research and innovation: What role for regions and cities after 2013?

13th December 2011

Brussels, Belgium European e-Skills 2011 Conference
15th December 2011 Brussels, Belgium ePractice event: eHealth & Equity in the Global Health Communities
20th December 2011 Brussels, Belgium ePractice Event: User-Centric eServices

20th December 2011

Brussels, Belgium ePractice Event: Seamless eGovernment
14th February 2012 Lisbon, Portugal Workshop on developing intelligent user interfaces for e-accessibility
5th - 7th March 2012 Valencia, Spain INTED2012 (6th International Technology, Education and Development Conference)

26th - 27th March 2012

Brussels, Belgium European e-skills week 2012
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