Newsletter Nš 04 - December 2011 > Your DLA local partner

This issue of DLA newsletter marks the end of the first part of the project. Until now, partners have been working together to create a general DLA. This document is almost finished and a first draft was presented in a big conference organized in Ireland last November.

The conference was a great success. High-level political representatives and experts attended to the meeting: Mr. Micheal Carrigy (Cathaoirleach. Midland Regional Authority), Mr. Carlos Brito (City Councillor. Municipal City Council of Barcelos. Portugal), Christian P. Geiger (Researcher. Zappelin University, Friedrichshafen, Germany), Roger Fitzpatrick (Senior Manager. Ericsson, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Ireland).

In addition, other important change this year was related to the partnership. Due to some internal changes, Euroregio “Pskov, Livonia” section Estonia left DLA project last semester. However, a new Estonian partner joined us in this challenging project: Võru County. Võru County is the most Southern county of Estonia, the only one bordering two different States - Latvian Republic (in the South) and Russian Federation (in the East). The territory of the county covers 2,305 km² and 37,888 people live here, that is 2.8% of the total population in Estonia. The County centre is Võru town with 14,435 inhabitants. The county is subdivided into 12 rural municipalities and 1 urban municipality - Võru town.

Next year will be a big challenge for the partnership, because it will be the time to launch expected “case studies” in the project. “Case Studies” involve adapt the General DLA and the methodology for its implementation in two territories: Western Greece and North Portugal. To do this, experts from all partner’s territories will work together on the ground during six months. After this period, first results should be ready, demonstrating the adaptability of the general DLA designed to different territories and realities.

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